Arrival & Dismissal

School Schedule:  Monday – Thursday from 8:10 AM – 3:10** PM
                               Friday from 8:10 AM - 12:50 PM


  • Students can be dropped off each morning in the green zone of the east parking lot. They may walk to the gym where they will be met by their teachers.
  • You may drop off your child as early as 7:30 AM, but the children must report to and remain in the gym until it’s time to go outside at 7:45 AM.
Students who are being picked up will be escorted by a teacher to the east playground.
They will wait on the playground until a parent comes to pick them up.  Students who
ride the bus will stay in the classroom until their bus is called. They will then walk to the
bus pick up area.

Kindergarten students who do not ride the bus may be picked up in front of the school,
on Jaguar Drive, their teachers will wait with them. Parents are required to get out of
the car to check out their child from the teacher. This area is for kindergarten students only*.

*Kindergarten students with older siblings can be picked up by those siblings and taken to the general pick-up area in the east parking lot.
** Please be aware of the new dismissal time, 15 minutes earlier than the 2016-2017 School Year.